Pro Bono

This term refers to working without compensation or at a significantly reduced cost. Often a person does this to support or contribute to a nonprofit organization or cause.


In general, a Producer is a person who manages many aspects of the production or project. They are typically in a category known as Above the Line, along with Directors, Lead Actors, Writers, and other managerial positions. Besides the basic Producer role, there are also Executive Producers, Co-Producers, Associate Producers, Independent Producers, Line Producers, Music Producers, and more.


The process where the actual video is filmed with a camera crew or the animation is created by the artists, illustrators, and motion graphics designers. This is the main bulk of the video production process.

Production Assistant (PA)

This is an entry-level position in the film, video, and television industry. PAs perform all kinds of tasks that seem small but are a critical part of any production. Working in the office, around the set, and on location, a PA’s duties may include crowd control, running errands, cleaning up locations, driving talent, and playing an important role supporting the Producer. Almost all productions, no matter how small, use PAs.

Production Cube

A truck that hauls production equipment and basically looks like a cube.

Production Designer

This person works directly with the Director and the DOP to create the overall visual design of the film or video. This is a creative role and one that requires the ability to communicate the vision to all departments so that the desired look and feel is achieved.

Production Manager (PM) / Unit Production Manager (UPM)

This person is responsible for managing the budget and the hired crew. They often have a say in who is hired and what equipment is used. They work closely with the Producer and are typically jumping between being on-set or in the office, making sure that everything runs smoothly during filming. A way to tell who is who, is often the Line Producer is on-set while the Production Manager or Unit Production Manager is at the computer.

Production Office Coordinator (POC)

This person helps most with logistics. They arrange for equipment, hotels, vehicle rentals, and generally run the production office on a project.

Production Order (PO’s)

A document used to track purchases in production. LPO second section.

Production Set

Whether it’s on location or in a studio, this is the place where the action happens! The lights glow, the talent performs, the cameras roll, and the crew works together on a production.