A combination of two and three-dimensional images in an animation.

20k Lights

20 Kilowatt lights used in filming. K refers to the Kelvin scale or temperature of the light. The higher the K the bluer the light looks. The lower the kelvin, the more “yellow” it is. Lower kelvins also tend to have a higher “PAR” rating.


Two-dimensional animation refers to the images sitting flat on the screen.

2nd Assistant Camera (2nd AC)

This person supports the First AC. They keep track of the lenses, the Magazines (memory cards – we still call them magazines). They Slate the scenes (operate the Slate onset) and keep camera reports. See Slate and Audio Recordist.

30-Day Net

When someone is paid in full in 30 days. Net refers to the terms of payment time.


360-degree video. A video that can be viewed from all angles rather than a fixed 16:9 frame. Great for the travel sector. Can be viewed with or without a VR headset.


Three dimensional. When images are created using the Z-axis as well as X and Y – giving the illusion of depth.


Ultra high-definition resolution that includes 4,000 horizontal pixels and 2,000 vertical pixels. We like to shoot 4K whenever possible.


Ultra high-definition resolution that includes 8,000 horizontal pixels and 4,000 vertical pixels.

Above The Line

A term used in production budgeting which refers to certain crew members involved with production management and creative direction, such as Producers, Writers, Directors and Actors.