A film usually of three reels in length, or about 24–40 minutes in running time, thus longer than a two-reel short subject but shorter than a feature film.

Film Set

An artificial setting or location for a scene of a theatrical, film, or video production.

First Assistant Camera (AC)

This person is in charge of the camera equipment and its operations. They are the closest thing to a technician on the set and are expected to know the camera and how it works. They work closely with the DOP and camera operators. They are generally referred to as the AC.

First Assistant Director (1st AD)

This person is considered a part of the production department. Their job is to make sure that the project is on schedule. They have the tough job of keeping the Director, talent, and crew on track and on time. Time is money and that means they’re in charge of keeping the time it takes to do anything, to a minimum. The 1st AD helps the Director with the First Team which are the main actors on set.

First Team

The main actors on set.

Foley Artist

When “talkies” (motion pictures with synchronized sound) took the film industry by storm in the late 1920s, new audio art was created by Jack Foley. He was the first to record sound effects and sync them to the film in post-production, creating an entire art of sound design. Foley requires a sound stage to record the special effects, with a collection of peculiar odds and ends kept on hand to recreate everyday sounds. Doors slamming, floors creaking, phones ringing, swords clanking, and papers rustling are all sounds that are recorded through Foley once the film is shot.


The film, video, or digital media that has been shot or recorded.

Footage Capture

The action of filming, taping, or digitally recording what the camera shoots.


The size of a film or video crew, equipment, and vehicles.