A version of the film. A film might have several different edits. We can provide different edits for different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, broadcast, events, regional versions with translations, and more.


The person who edits the film. Works with the director to choose the best shots, form the overall narrative, and assemble your film. The editor may also add logos, music, and a basic colour grade. Although we always suggest using dedicated people for these additional tasks for even higher production quality.


When video content is recorded, the colours are flat and raw. The colour will vary from location to location, indoors or out. We colour grade it at the end of the process to bring it to life. The type of grade depends on the sensibilities of the film. We might do this in Premiere or in Da Vinci.

J Cut

An editing technique wherein the audio from the second shot starts before the first video cuts. Named after the shape of the clips as they appear in the editing software.

L Cut

An editing technique wherein the video cuts to the second shot while the audio of the first shot is still playing. Named after the shape of the clips as they appear in the editing software.

Lower Thirds

Any graphic or animation in the lower third of the video frame. Usually, this would be a name and occupation card.

Match Cut

An editing technique wherein one shot cuts to another with a similar composition or theme – for example cutting from the wheel of a car to a round frying pan.

Morph Cut

An editing effect in Adobe Premiere, which blends frames, allowing an editor to mask a cut between two shots of the same composition.


After the footage is shot it then goes into Post-production where it is cut together in an edit, graded, sound mixed, and finished to become the final film. Colour, effects, music all happen in Post Production.


Similar to an export. When a motion graphics project is exported, the file is known as a render. Some editing software requires a ‘render’ (without export) for smooth playback. You’ll hear us referring to renders and rendering a lot.