Art Director

The person who works directly with the Production Designer, but also knows how to swing a hammer (not that they’re expected to, but sometimes they do). Typically, they oversee the Art Department.


A member of the film crew who supports a key member of staff. Could be assisting sound, camera, or the producer. A useful person for our clients too.

Assistant Production Office Coordinator (APOC)

Known as the APOC is the assistant to the Production Office Coordinator or POC. They often keep track of all purchase orders, help arrange travel if there’s no Travel Coordinator, and are there to pick up the slack for all the POC has to do.

Associate Producer

This position varies from job to job depending on what is being produced. An associate producer will be brought on to assist the producer in whatever capacity needed, without necessarily dealing with the budget.

Best Boy Electric

The second in command of the lighting department. They keep the inventory of all the gear on a project and work with the Gaffer to do the DOP’s biddings. Typically, they also handle ordering expendables and the department’s time cards. They are the assistant of the lighting department.

Best Boy Grip

Similar to the Best Boy Electric, this person assists with keeping an inventory and track of all the Grip gear, ordering expendables, completing timecards, and backing up the Key Grip.

Boom Operator

The person carrying and positioning the Boom Microphone. This is the person who holds the long pole with a boom microphone and has very strong arm muscles.

Camera Operator

This person is the right arm of the DOP. They operate the camera so that the DOP can focus their attention on the next scene coming up.
This person is responsible for using the camera and capturing the footage on a shoot. A skilled member of the team, adept at using cameras from DSLRs all the way through to professional Sony FS7, F55, Arri Alexas, REDs and more.

Costume Designer (CD)

The person who is responsible for the overall look and custom design of the costumes, wardrobe, and accessories.