30-Day Net

When someone is paid in full in 30 days. Net refers to the terms of payment time.

Above The Line

A term used in production budgeting which refers to certain crew members involved with production management and creative direction, such as Producers, Writers, Directors and Actors.


Changes to a video. Might include changing the music, removing a frame, or restructuring the entire thing. Amends are included in our packages.

An Hourly

This refers to an hourly rate of pay. Production for shoot days runs from a 10 hour day to a 12 hour day depending upon the production. When working in pre-production the rate is broken down to an hourly for some of the staff, depending upon the role.


Slang for availability for scheduling. What are your avails?

Back to One

A phrase of direction, given to actors which asks them to go back to their first position starting point physically and/or with their dialogue.

Below the Line

A term used in production budgeting, which refers to the crew who are not talents, writers, directors, or production management and typically the majority of the crew, such as DPs, ADs, Audio, Make-up, PAs, etc.


To send out or transmit (something, such as a program) by means of radio, television, or by streaming over the Internet.

Camera Prep

Time when the assistant camera person prepares the camera prior to the production day.

Control Room

The technical hub of operations. A room with equipment, serving as a central space where a large physical facility or physically dispersed service can be monitored and controlled.