Call Sheet

A document, usually distributed as a PDF which provides the overview of a typical shoot day, including client and production company names, talent names, crew names, their positions and contact info, location and schedule information.
The document provides consolidated shoot information for the cast and crew including locations, times, equipment, contact details, locations of the nearest hospitals, emergency information, risk assessments, and any other information the crew might need.

Call Time

This is the time you are required to be on set ready to work.

Client List

A list that is generated by the production company with the names of their clients.


Two or more Producers who share producing responsibilities on a project.

Deal Memo

A form that lists the pertinent details of salary, guaranteed conditions, and other essentials of a work agreement negotiated between a member of the cast or crew and a production company.


When the production company gives the client the final file(s). The delivery file types vary depending on what the client will use the video for.


The process in which a client and the producer develop and then settles on a story, theme, and type of video before making it. We like to do this with mood boards, brainstorm sessions, reference videos, and getting embedded with your brand and its ethos.

Estimated Quarterly Taxes

A periodic advance payment of taxes based on your projected income and the estimated tax liability on that income. Check with your accountant, right?


The size of a film or video crew, equipment, and vehicles.

Hard Book

A hard booking is a confirmed booking, typically with dates and rate of pay negotiated and finalized. If the client cancels a hard booking, the¬†contractor should receive an appropriate percentage as a cancellation fee, often 50-100% with less than a week’s notice.