Paper / Fly

The act of posting signage at a specific location or in a neighborhood to alert people that filming will be happening in the area and when. This step is part of pre-production and occurs after the city or county has granted the required location permit. Insider lingo.


A location shooting permit is a document typically issued by local, city, or federal governments, giving you permission to film in public places.


Putting up signage for parking or other notifications such as Quiet Please, Filming in Progress or Cameras, and Active Filming in Progress on these Premises. Insider lingo.

Pre-Production (Pre-Pro)

This refers to all the planning that happens prior to shooting or the event. From developing the concept, hiring crew, location scouting, prepping equipment, writing a treatment and/or script, and storyboarding. Thorough pre-pro really makes the difference between smooth, organized shoot days and chaos.


The process where the actual video is filmed with a camera crew or the animation is created by the artists, illustrators, and motion graphics designers. This is the main bulk of the video production process.

Pulling A Permit

A typical phrase referring, to the act of applying for and purchasing a permit to film at a specific location.