A combination of two and three-dimensional images in an animation.


Two-dimensional animation refers to the images sitting flat on the screen.


Three dimensional. When images are created using the Z-axis as well as X and Y – giving the illusion of depth.


A short, basic animation, used as a test to make sure everyone is happy with the direction it is going. So you know what you’re getting.


A video made of designs or drawings rather than real-life footage. Could be hand-drawn or computer-generated, 2D, 2.5D, or 3D. Great for explainers.


Graphics in a video refers to a static graphic element. Moving graphics are referred to as animations or motion graphics.

Motion Graphics

Moving and impactful animation with text being a major element. Although it’s typically two-dimensional, it can create the illusion of rotation. Motion Graphics are often combined with audio, music, or sound effects.
Computer-generated graphics. Could be moving titles, logos, annotations, characters, or an entire film made of computer-animated images.


An overlay in a video can refer to any graphics, titles, or other layers above the video.