360-degree video. A video that can be viewed from all angles rather than a fixed 16:9 frame. Great for the travel sector. Can be viewed with or without a VR headset.


An extremely early version of the video, before the rough cut. Barely more than putting the shots in the right order, but it is where we start to build the story.


Anything included in a physical video, from video rushes and images to music and audio files.


The additional or supplemental footage captured, which is intercut with the main footage. It typically is used to support or add depth and/or context to the scenes by showing the environment, background action, or other scene embellishments. Ambient or natural sound is also recorded simultaneously. the term B-roll comes from the initial days of film when there was an “A” roll, which was all the speaking parts, and then the “B” roll which covered the action part of the film.

Branded content

Brand-funded original video content that focuses on being useful, engaging, and entertaining rather than a traditional ‘hard-sell’. Audiences are receptive to it, and brands see an increase in reach, engagement, and conversion. We were early pioneers of this sector, now a multi-billion dollar industry.


Could refer to exact subtitles for the hard of hearing, or supporting text for platforms where videos are auto-played mute, like Facebook.


A film usually of three reels in length, or about 24–40 minutes in running time, thus longer than a two-reel short subject but shorter than a feature film.


The film, video, or digital media that has been shot or recorded.

Footage Capture

The action of filming, taping, or digitally recording what the camera shoots.

Informational Videos

Videos that showcase a product or system for sale.