Another passion at Filmworks is servicing and developing films. Filmworks have worked with independent and studio productions to support, with a variety of on the ground services.

Filmworks also produced the first United Arab Emirates independent feature, City of Life. Adding to their servicing portfolio, Filmworks worked on Universal Films’ instalment of the Bourne series – Bourne Legacy, starring Jeremy Renner. Other projects include Paramount Pictures’ Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Geostorm, Star Trek Beyond, and horror film Djinn, in collaboration with Imagination. Most recently, Mirage, a French TV series, was filmed in Abu Dhabi.
Filmworks provided production services for these films and series:
• Syriana (USA)
• The Kingdom (USA)
• City of Life (UAE)
• Mission Impossible IV: Ghost Protocol (USA)
• Switch (CHINA)
• Djinn (UAE)
• Bourne Legacy (USA)
• Phantom (INDIA)
• Star Trek (USA)
• Geostorm (USA)
• Mirage (FRANCE)
• Samsara (USA)
• Sifara Fil Amara (EGYPT)



Other Services

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