2nd Assistant Camera (2nd AC)

This person supports the First AC. They keep track of the lenses, the Magazines (memory cards – we still call them magazines). They Slate the scenes (operate the Slate onset) and keep camera reports. See Slate and Audio Recordist.

Aerial filming

Cameras Filming from the sky using drones or helicopters, to get dramatic high, low and sweeping angles. Always increases production values, which reflect well on your brand.


A second camera, used in addition to the main camera. It gives the editor a different angle to cut to when editing a video.

Frame rate

Refers to the number of frames in one second. A high frame rate can give a video a very smooth look, or be used to slow the video down to slow motion.


The shutter determines the “Look” of the shot. For action scenes, for example, a higher shutter speed is used to give the scene a more urgent look.