Background Extras

Talent who are in the background of a scene. Typically, not a speaking role and sometimes not easily recognizable.


The clothing, worn by one actor, as one specific character, in a specific scene or scenes in the story. Most importantly, the audience must believe that every person in a story has a life before the movie begins. The costume design process begins with studying the screenplay.

Day Player or Performer

This person is hired for only one day or a specific number of days of work.

First Team

The main actors on set.

Key Actors

These are the principal actors on set who are critical to the story.

Principal Actor

An Actor with a speaking role on camera. This specific classification can mean different things depending on the type of production (commercials are different than movies and TV shows) or the contract an actor is working under.

Props Master

The person in charge of all the props needed on the set of a production. They work closely with the Set Decorator and the Art Director to help ensure the creative goals of the project.


Excerpts of script given to talent, on small-sized handouts, which represent the scenes being shot on a particular day.


A person who “stands in” in front of the camera for focus and lighting for the talent until they arrive.


An actor and or animal who performs in front of a camera.