Graphic Match

An editing technique where an object passes the frame and uses that object to transition to a different shot.

Live Action

A term meaning real-life action of people or animals or live moving objects, as opposed to animation or computer-generated effects.

Live Set

A set where cameras are rolling.


Variations of speed and timing within a finished video. Relates to a combination of script, video, voiceover, and music. Sometimes a video might seem too fast, or too slow – adjusted throughout the post-production process. See ‘breathing’. You’re always invited to comment on the pacing of your film.

Pick Up (PU)

This refers to camera or audio recordings. It can be a relatively minor shot filmed after the fact to augment footage already shot or shooting a scene with talent again and picking up where dialog or movement left off on the previous shot. This happens in order to create continuity or capture different camera angles on the same scene or even as a re-take to achieve, a better performance. Insider lingo.


A system used to playback the footage just shot on set. Insider lingo.


The production, which re-creates a historical or past event for educational, documentation, or entertainment purposes.


Refers to when the camera is actually filming or capturing footage.


A short section of a video that follows a chain of events – may be a character or an action. Generally, a video consists of a series of sequences.
A timeline in Adobe Premiere Pro. When editing, the sequence has its own settings such as resolution, frame rate, etc. These relate to the export preferences and ingested material.

Shot Order

The order in which shots will be filmed.