Hair Assistant

A person who assists the Key Hairstylist, who typically styles the hair of actors hired as featured extras or day players.


Handheld is when the camera operator is using the camera in his own hands, instead of on a tripod or a gimbal.

Hard Book

A hard booking is a confirmed booking, typically with dates and rate of pay negotiated and finalized. If the client cancels a hard booking, the contractor should receive an appropriate percentage as a cancellation fee, often 50-100% with less than a week’s notice.

Hard Disk Drive (HDD) 

A hard drive is used for storage, either built into a camera or a portable desktop drive used on shoots.

High Definition (HD) 

Content with 1080 horizontal lines of resolution. The standard for all modern screens. We often shoot in 4K – nearly 4 times the resolution of ‘standard 4k’. This future proofs your content. UHD – ultra-high definition and 8k have also now been developed. Some scenes of the London 2012 Olympics were test filmed in 8k.

High dynamic range (HDR)

The expansion of not only the range of colour, but also the amount of information displayed for the whitest whites and the blackest black. Newer cameras shoot in HDR which gives the image a lot more detail. Requires a TV capable of outputting HDR to watch it.

Hydrargyrum medium-arc iodide (HMI)

The trademark name of Osram’s brand of metal-halide gas discharge medium arc-length lamp, made specifically for film and entertainment applications. Hydrargyrum comes from the Latin name for the element mercury. The light temperature is daylight.