The term is used to let others know when the production is finished for the day, the equipment is packed, and everyone is in their cars, driving away (and their taillights can be seen). Insider lingo.


An actor and or animal who performs in front of a camera.

Television Truck / Television Broadcast Truck

Large trucks specifically built with studios and equipment to broadcast events.

The Greens Department

Every tree, bush, flower, and vine you see in a movie (unless the scene was filmed in an exterior location) has been rented or purchased. The member of the film crew who’s responsible for renting, replanting, arranging, taking care of, and ultimately returning all these plants is the greensman.

The Screen Actors Guild (SAG)

This was an American labor union that represented over 100,000 film and television principal, and background performers worldwide. On March 30, 2012, the union leadership announced that the SAG membership voted to merge with the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists to create SAG-AFTRA

The Shoot

Refers to when one or more persons get together with a camera, with or without audio, with or without talent, props, or other resources, to film any subject for a project.

The Wrap

Everyone is done shooting for the day and begins packing up.  The day is not done until Taillights.


An image that is used to show what the video is about before it has started playing.

Time Code Note

Time code is an embedded, coded signal on film or videotape, generated when the camera rolls. It provides information such as time of recording, frame number, or exposure. Making a time code note is a way to identify a particular place or selection in the footage for future reference.


A visual representation of the film in editing software. Video clips, titles, logos, music all appear as colored blocks that are rearranged on the timeline. See ‘Sequence’