Script Supervisor

This person is in charge of making sure that the entire script gets shot. They are also focused on tracking the continuity of what’s happening within a scene.


Standard definition (less than 720p). Not of much use anymore unless it’s for artistic purposes.

Second Assistant Director (2nd AD)

This person writes the call sheets on a feature or TV shoot and keeps the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and crew paperwork for the company on set. They also check in the actors, get them Into The Works, meaning they get them into wardrobe and makeup when they arrive. The 2nd AD will also escort the actors to the set when needed and manage background extras on the set.

Second Meal

This is a second meal that is served if the shoot day runs long.

Second Second Assistant Director (2nd 2nd AD)

Yes, this is a job title! This individual supports the 2nd AD and handles background extras and crowds. Sometimes, if there are big enough crowd scenes, there will be several 2nd 2nd ADs on a set.


The part of the camera which actually captures the light coming through the lens. The quality and size of the sensor can both influence the quality of the image.


A short section of a video that follows a chain of events – may be a character or an action. Generally, a video consists of a series of sequences.
A timeline in Adobe Premiere Pro. When editing, the sequence has its own settings such as resolution, frame rate, etc. These relate to the export preferences and ingested material.

Set Decorator

This person is in charge of making sure that all the decor on a set is correct, whether that’s furniture, props, objects, art or photographs, carpeting, wall color, etc. This person works with the Production Designer and Art Director to ensure that everything requested is in place.

Set Production Assistant (PA)

A PA that is specifically assigned to the set.  Tasks could be anything from supporting a specific member of the set (Assistant Director, Talent, or Art Director) or more general tasks like grabbing coffee or waters, holding cables, moving talent in and out of the set, and so much more.  See Production Assistant and Key Production Assistant.


Sound effects or ‘foley’. Sound added to the video during the edit to support the visuals. Sound is often overlooked (pardon the pun), but vital. Foley is sound that has been recorded after the shoot to sound like the image seen on screen.