L Cut

An editing technique wherein the video cuts to the second shot while the audio of the first shot is still playing. Named after the shape of the clips as they appear in the editing software.

Last Man Call

Once lunch is called, the cast and crew line up to eat. Once the last person gets their food and sits down, whoever’s watching the line calls, “Last man!” and the clock stops for 30 minutes.

Lavalier Microphones (Lavs)

Lavs are usually hidden on the body of an actor and can pick up noises such as clothing or jewelry rustle. Lavs are not usually as dynamic as Boom Mics. See Boom.


The lens is the part that delivers the light to the sensor. The lens can have different apertures and focal lengths. These influence how the final image will look.

Line Producer (LP)

The person is responsible for the daily operations of production. They are on set and the main go-to when something is needed. On-time and on the budget is their goal. This person works directly with the Above the, Line Producer(s) and translates what they want or need to the rest of the crew, usually through the Production Manager. Line Producers are the buffer between the Below the Line crew and the Above the Line creatives.

Live Action

A term meaning real-life action of people or animals or live moving objects, as opposed to animation or computer-generated effects.

Live Set

A set where cameras are rolling.


The loader is responsible for loading and unloading all film canisters. The loader also properly labels all loaded film magazines and cans of exposed film and short ends. The loader also prepares the film for delivery to the lab,  delivers the final film to the production at the end of each day. The loader also provides all the necessary tools and accessories that are associated with performing the job.


The place where production happens and a crew gather to film a scene or project. The place where the filming takes place. Could be interior or exterior. From luxury penthouse apartments to empty factories and airports. We use a library of locations to match your requirement.