Magazines for Film

A camera magazine is a light-tight chamber or pair of chambers designed to hold and move film stock before and after it has been exposed in the camera. In most movie cameras, the magazine is a removable piece of equipment.

Makeup Assistant

A person who assists the Key Makeup artist, who typically does makeup on the actors hired as featured extras or day players.

Match Cut

An editing technique wherein one shot cuts to another with a similar composition or theme – for example cutting from the wheel of a car to a round frying pan.

Meal Break

Once everyone has worked for six hours, a minimum of 30 minutes must be provided for a Meal Break. The 30 minutes does not start until the last person has been served lunch.  See also, Last Man call.

Meal Penalty

A penalty, which occurs on some jobs if the crew is not fed within a certain amount of time. See also, Last Man call.

Minus Optical Sound (MOS)

Standard filmmaking jargon abbreviation for footage without sound or no synchronous audio track recorded.  MOS is an acronym representing a variety of meanings including Mit Out Sound.

Morph Cut

An editing effect in Adobe Premiere, which blends frames, allowing an editor to mask a cut between two shots of the same composition.

Motion Control

A specialised camera rig wherein the camera is mounted on a robotic arm. The movement is pre-programmed, allowing for stylish, precise camera moves that would not be possible by hand.

Motion Graphics

Moving and impactful animation with text being a major element. Although it’s typically two-dimensional, it can create the illusion of rotation. Motion Graphics are often combined with audio, music, or sound effects.
Computer-generated graphics. Could be moving titles, logos, annotations, characters, or an entire film made of computer-animated images.