A clothespin, typically used for affixing gels to lights. At times this tool is used to break up the monotony of a boring set by seeing how many C-47’s you can affix to the back of someone’s shirt before they notice. FYI, not a good idea for beginners to do to the seasoned crew.


Metal equipment stand, primarily used by the lighting department for positioning light modifiers such as silks, nets, flags, or reflectors. Its proper name is Century Stand.

Call Sheet

A document, usually distributed as a PDF which provides the overview of a typical shoot day, including client and production company names, talent names, crew names, their positions and contact info, location and schedule information.
The document provides consolidated shoot information for the cast and crew including locations, times, equipment, contact details, locations of the nearest hospitals, emergency information, risk assessments, and any other information the crew might need.

Call Time

This is the time you are required to be on set ready to work.

Camera Car

A special vehicle customized with mounts to support different equipment and camera(s) used to film moving and driving shots.

Camera Dolly / Dolly

A wheeled cart with a camera mounted on it to create smooth horizontal camera movements.

Camera Operator

This person is the right arm of the DOP. They operate the camera so that the DOP can focus their attention on the next scene coming up.
This person is responsible for using the camera and capturing the footage on a shoot. A skilled member of the team, adept at using cameras from DSLRs all the way through to professional Sony FS7, F55, Arri Alexas, REDs and more.

Camera Prep

Time when the assistant camera person prepares the camera prior to the production day.


Could refer to exact subtitles for the hard of hearing, or supporting text for platforms where videos are auto-played mute, like Facebook.