A version of the film. A film might have several different edits. We can provide different edits for different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, broadcast, events, regional versions with translations, and more.


The person who edits the film. Works with the director to choose the best shots, form the overall narrative, and assemble your film. The editor may also add logos, music, and a basic colour grade. Although we always suggest using dedicated people for these additional tasks for even higher production quality.


They are the labor crew of the Electric Department. They are responsible for the safe handling of power and electrical-based equipment and lamps. They handle the lifting and carrying of lighting fixtures, put them onto the stands with the help of the Grips, run power cables and make the power connections. They are the Thirds behind Best Boy in the Lighting Department. See Gaffer.

Estimated Quarterly Taxes

A periodic advance payment of taxes based on your projected income and the estimated tax liability on that income. Check with your accountant, right?

Executive Creative Director (ECD)

The person in charge of the creative aspect of the entire project.

Executive Producer (EP)

The person or entity who oversees the entire project pays the bills, and/or funds the project. Someone who supervises one or more Producers.
We recommend assigning an Executive Producer whenever possible. Usually part of bigger projects. Often the company owner too.


Accessory items used on a set for lighting, such as color gels, gaffer or spike tape, white board, duvetyn, etc.  See Duvetyn.


When the film has been edited it exists as an exported video file such as ProRes or H264. We will provide you with a high-res master and a smaller file type.

Eye Direct

A mirrored device that attaches to the camera, allowing the person being interviewed to see the interviewer while looking straight at the camera lens. This makes the interview more direct and engaging than an off-camera format.