Above The Line

A term used in production budgeting which refers to certain crew members involved with production management and creative direction, such as Producers, Writers, Directors and Actors.

Aerial filming

Cameras Filming from the sky using drones or helicopters, to get dramatic high, low and sweeping angles. Always increases production values, which reflect well on your brand.

After Effects

Software used for animation or visual effects.

Ambient Sound

Audio that is natural to the scene, such as birds chirping or the sound of children playing in the background.


Changes to a video. Might include changing the music, removing a frame, or restructuring the entire thing. Amends are included in our packages.

An Hourly

This refers to an hourly rate of pay. Production for shoot days runs from a 10 hour day to a 12 hour day depending upon the production. When working in pre-production the rate is broken down to an hourly for some of the staff, depending upon the role.


A short, basic animation, used as a test to make sure everyone is happy with the direction it is going. So you know what you’re getting.


A video made of designs or drawings rather than real-life footage. Could be hand-drawn or computer-generated, 2D, 2.5D, or 3D. Great for explainers.

Apple Box

A solid wooden box that comes in standard sizes (from largest to smallest): full, half, quarter, pancake.

Art Director

The person who works directly with the Production Designer, but also knows how to swing a hammer (not that they’re expected to, but sometimes they do). Typically, they oversee the Art Department.