An extremely early version of the video, before the rough cut. Barely more than putting the shots in the right order, but it is where we start to build the story.


Anything included in a physical video, from video rushes and images to music and audio files.


A member of the film crew who supports a key member of staff. Could be assisting sound, camera, or the producer. A useful person for our clients too.

Assistant Production Office Coordinator (APOC)

Known as the APOC is the assistant to the Production Office Coordinator or POC. They often keep track of all purchase orders, help arrange travel if there’s no Travel Coordinator, and are there to pick up the slack for all the POC has to do.

Associate Producer

This position varies from job to job depending on what is being produced. An associate producer will be brought on to assist the producer in whatever capacity needed, without necessarily dealing with the budget.