A second camera, used in addition to the main camera. It gives the editor a different angle to cut to when editing a video.


The additional or supplemental footage captured, which is intercut with the main footage. It typically is used to support or add depth and/or context to the scenes by showing the environment, background action, or other scene embellishments. Ambient or natural sound is also recorded simultaneously. the term B-roll comes from the initial days of film when there was an “A” roll, which was all the speaking parts, and then the “B” roll which covered the action part of the film.

Back to One

A phrase of direction, given to actors which asks them to go back to their first position starting point physically and/or with their dialogue.

Background Extras

Talent who are in the background of a scene. Typically, not a speaking role and sometimes not easily recognizable.

Base Camp

The area at or near a shooting location from where the company operates. This is the location where equipment vehicles are parked, along with wardrobe, hair, makeup, crafty, and trailers for talent, producers, and directors.

Below the Line

A term used in production budgeting, which refers to the crew who are not talents, writers, directors, or production management and typically the majority of the crew, such as DPs, ADs, Audio, Make-up, PAs, etc.

Best Boy Electric

The second in command of the lighting department. They keep the inventory of all the gear on a project and work with the Gaffer to do the DOP’s biddings. Typically, they also handle ordering expendables and the department’s time cards. They are the assistant of the lighting department.

Best Boy Grip

Similar to the Best Boy Electric, this person assists with keeping an inventory and track of all the Grip gear, ordering expendables, completing timecards, and backing up the Key Grip.

Boom / Boom Microphone / Boom Mic

A Boom is an extendable, adjustable arm on which a microphone can be affixed. When there’s movement in a scene, the sound is recorded as close to the subjects as possible. A Boom Mic is a good backup for a Lav.  See Lavaliere Microphone (Lav).

Boom Operator

The person carrying and positioning the Boom Microphone. This is the person who holds the long pole with a boom microphone and has very strong arm muscles.