Key Actors

These are the principal actors on set who are critical to the story.

Key Crew

Members of the production crew, who are key and vital to the particular scenes being shot.

Key Grip

This person is in charge of the Grip Department. The Key Grip works directly with the Gaffer and the DOP to light the set for shooting.

Key Hair

This person takes the lead styling the hair of the key actors. If there is a Hair Assistant, the Key Hair will oversee their work as well.

Key Makeup

This person takes the lead doing makeup on the key actors. If there is a Makeup Assistant, the Key Makeup will oversee their works as well.

Key Set Production Assistant (PA)

This person is the lead person in the PA world and typically works onset or with talent. While all Set PAs in production have to answer to the ADs, often this person is the one deemed by the ADs to be in charge of all the other PAs. See Production Assistant and Set Production Assistant.


The tools a person has assembled to help them with their particular job. For instance, a location scouting kit would include a camera and computer. Commonly heard terms are production kit, makeup kit, and craft services kit.