Da Vinci

A software that is used to manipulate the colours of a video to create a specific effect or visual tone.

Data Wrangler / Digital Loader

The person who is responsible for organizing and managing the Magazines or Scan Discs on which footage is captured. They also handle the transfer and organization of this data onto hard drives. Sometimes they create files for these transfers so that Editorial can more easily identify what’s being shot. They use a computer and special software for the transfers.

Database Pull

A reference to media being selected for use from a specific film, video, or music library.

Day Player or Performer

This person is hired for only one day or a specific number of days of work.

Day Rate

The amount of pay negotiated for a day of work in a particular position.

Deal Memo

A form that lists the pertinent details of salary, guaranteed conditions, and other essentials of a work agreement negotiated between a member of the cast or crew and a production company.


When the production company gives the client the final file(s). The delivery file types vary depending on what the client will use the video for.

Depth of Field

The visual effect that, separates the foreground from the background in a video image, by blurring the background. The depth of field changes based on the aperture of the camera lens.


The process in which a client and the producer develop and then settles on a story, theme, and type of video before making it. We like to do this with mood boards, brainstorm sessions, reference videos, and getting embedded with your brand and its ethos.

Digital Imaging Technician (DIT)

The person responsible for image quality control, on-set color correction, and managing a production workflow. Not all productions have a DIT, but this is the person with an arsenal of toys to tweak the look of the camera in the field. This position is often confused with a Data Wrangler but they are entirely different jobs.