The loader is responsible for loading and unloading all film canisters. The loader also properly labels all loaded film magazines and cans of exposed film and short ends. The loader also prepares the film for delivery to the lab,  delivers the final film to the production at the end of each day. The loader also provides all the necessary tools and accessories that are associated with performing the job.


The place where production happens and a crew gather to film a scene or project. The place where the filming takes place. Could be interior or exterior. From luxury penthouse apartments to empty factories and airports. We use a library of locations to match your requirement.

Location Manager

The person who often leads the negotiations to secure a location for filming and is responsible for the location’s budget. They make sure that all the required permits and paperwork are submitted, with approvals in place. On production days, they are usually first on-site and last to leave, unless they have support from a Location Assistant. If filming is happening in multiple locations on one day, they often advance to the next location to make sure everything is ready for the crew’s arrival.

Location Production Assistant (PA)

This person backs up the department and is often in the field. As part of pre-production, they will Paper or Fly a neighborhood in advance to let people and businesses there know that filming will be happening in the area. They assist with watching out for potential problems at locations in advance or during filming. See Production Assistant and Set Production Assistant.

Location Scout

A person who finds different locations for filming, based on directives from the Creative Director or production company.

Lock Down / Lock Up

A system to control a Live Set. When a set is in lockdown, people cannot come onto the set until the shot is over and the AD yells, “Cut!”

Look Up Table / LUT

A digital file that transforms the color and tone of your image. It can convert colors and details in a source file to a new destination state. For example, you can use a LUT to convert a modern digital photo to the color and tone of older film stock.

Lower Thirds

Any graphic or animation in the lower third of the video frame. Usually, this would be a name and occupation card.