When video content is recorded, the colours are flat and raw. The colour will vary from location to location, indoors or out. We colour grade it at the end of the process to bring it to life. The type of grade depends on the sensibilities of the film. We might do this in Premiere or in Da Vinci.


Graphics in a video refers to a static graphic element. Moving graphics are referred to as animations or motion graphics.

Graphic Match

An editing technique where an object passes the frame and uses that object to transition to a different shot.


This is a specialized type of set dresser that deals with the artistic arrangement or landscape design of plant material. Sometimes real and sometimes artificial and usually a combination of both. Depending upon the number of greens work in a film, the green man may report to the art director or may report to the production designer.


A lighting and rigging technician. He or she works closely with the camera crew and DoP on set. Invaluable on bigger shoots.


Grips are the labor of the camera and lighting departments and truly the heavy lifters on the set. They carry cases, load and unload, put up the C-stands, build scaffolding, lay and page cables, carry and place sandbag weights. They assist as needed to accomplish the tasks at hand.