Costly Production Mistakes

Film production sounds fascinating, but it can cause heartache if you made mistakes on the way. Mistakes are always there to happen, no matter if you have years of experience in the field. Even a short film can be a harrowing experience if hit by mistakes.

Quick Fact:

The film industry is over 100 years old but still with 95% mistakes and failure ratio.

With such a high failure ratio in certain industry-specific areas, you need to watch these common mistakes.

Common production mistakes to know about:

What you are about to read can serve as a reminder of what to avoid in film production. Keep scrolling and pay attention!

  • Rushing pre-production elements
  • producing a bad story
  • Following undercooked scripts
  • Fixing everything in the post
  • Poor casting choice
  • Poor shot composition
  • Poor lightening
  • Underestimating time
  • White walls
  • Generic music
  • Unwanted insert shots
  • No blocking (Moving)
  • Filming without insurance
  • Not keeping records

Key Takeaways:

While having a list of “mistakes to avoid” in hand, you still have chances to get off track. To avoid that, you should pay attention to the following takeaways:

  • Allot a marketing budget
  • Share your shortlist
  • Avoid wasting time